selfieMy name is Sonia, and…here it goes…I must admit, that I have developed a baking addiction! Over the past year, it has become somewhat of a hobby of mine. Whether it be to treat myself after a long day, or if I have some spare time and feel like making some goodies for my room mates… I just absolutely love being able  to make something new and trying new recipes. And since I’ve always had somewhat of a sweet tooth…I guess it makes sense why I enjoy baking so much!

Recently, my younger sister also began to bake…on a weekly basis even! She has been making different things every week, from cookies, to brownies, to tarts, and it’s become quickly apparent that we have both become bake-a-holics!

So this blog will hopefully serve to share our love of baking to the rest of you! We hope you enjoy our baking adventures!



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  1. Sonia/Julia, we love your Monday morning treats here at OSI/OIM and look forward to it always! Thank you so much for your generosity and I really think you guys have some talent w baking. Good Luck!:) Karen from OSI

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